Eurotrip 2014 — Reflections on the Journey


“It is necessary … for a man to go away by himself … to sit on a rock … and ask, ‘Who am I, where have I been, and where am I going?”
― Carl Sandburg


It has now been almost a week since I’ve returned. When I left I had a goal in mind of making some decisions. I wanted some clarity on the direction that this next stage of my life would take. I had some vague ideas but no clear cut vision of what I wanted. I hoped that distance from the day to day would give me this.
I saw many impressive things on this trip. I traveled to Venice and Rome, Athens and Barcelona, cities that were somewhat mythical to me, a lifelong reader about places I had yet to see. I saw some of the most impressive works of art of western civilization and met many people. Yet still no answers were forthcoming or at least not immediate ones. Oh I learned a few things about myself and remembered others. I love the water and travelling upon it. Exploring new cities makes my heart sing. I have a knack for languages and love trying to speak to people in their native tongue and I love the stories that people tell. I love in-depth exploration of ideas and people more than I like skimming the surface in any kind of social way. I would much rather be a visitor to a place rather than a tourist. Visitors tend to be more welcome and less interested in seeing the sites and buying trinkets than tourists. I would rather eat in small roadside places with people who live day to day than in fine restaurants with other tourists. I am fascinated by what other artists produce.
How can I use those facts in a constructive way? That I have yet to learn.
Oh a few things have come from it. I love the masques that they sell in Venice and would love to see what I could do in that medium. I have a new idea for a set of tarot cards based on Venetian Masques. I have lots of inspiration for art and more motivation than ever to finish the things I’ve started.
All in all, as I sit on this rock (well chair) and reflect I find these things impressive and encouraging. Yet the journey is always beginning, ending and in progress.
Blessings, G


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Warrior MasqueWarrior Masque by G A Rosenberg


Night RideNight Ride by G A Rosenberg


Reflecting in the window of a Masque Store in VeniceReflecting in a Masque Store Window


Ghost in the Machine (Redux)


Electric Whisper
She haunts my computer screen
in memory she dwells


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Ghost in the Machine(R)Ghost in the Machine (Redux) by G A Rosenberg

Serving Stories


“No word matters. But man forgets reality and remembers words.”
― Roger Zelazny


It’s amazing how a good story can grab us. Especially when the story is our own. We as individuals or as part of a tribe construct our story out of a combination of things that happened and things that were said and things that we wished we had said and done. Over time we refine our story improving it until it is the one that works best for us at the moment whether in getting reactions out of others or in justifying our own action. As time goes on, it is not the events we remember in clarity but the oft repeated words. We may even tell our story long after it has served its purpose even if in the long run it does us harm. If someone who was present at the actual event remembers it differently (after all they have constructed their own narrative, we may become greatly offended. Where in more judicious moments we may see that a greater truth and value may come out of the combination of the stories, all too often we cling to the narrative we have. People can and have gone to war over these conflicting narratives. Families have been broken and lives destroyed merely because of a slight difference in narrative. Does our story still serve us or have we fallen in thrall to the story allowing it to control our reality and how we view ourselves?
I feel it would behoove us to look at our stories especially in cases of conflicting narratives to be sure that they remain useful to us rather than the means by which we perpetuate dysfunction.
Blessings, G


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Moth Woman ViewMoth Woman View by G A Rosenberg


Welcome3Welcome by G A Rosenberg


Textured EmergenceTextured Emergence by G A Rosenberg


The Gift of Pain


“Pleasure blocks, but pain clears the way of inspiration. Tagore says: ‘When the string of the violin was being tuned it felt the pain of being stretched, but once it was tuned then it knew why it was stretched’. So it is with the human soul. While the soul goes through pain, torture and trouble it thinks that it would have been much better if it had gone through life without it. But once it reaches the culmination of it then, when it looks back, it begins to realize why all this was meant: it was only meant to tune the soul to a certain pitch.”
~Hazrat Inayat Khan


I felt the pain of loneliness
until I realized the gift of my own company
and learned connection to those I met along the way.
I felt the pain of hunger
until I knew how good food could taste.
I felt the pain of jealousy
until I realized my own worth


Everything that has hurt me
has brought me greater strength.
Every tear I shed
watered the ground I walked on
and nurtured life
Everything that laid me low
ultimately raised me up in truer ways
Every time my heart was sick
healing found its course.


Blessings, G </h4

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Acropolis ShadowAcropolis Shadow by G A Rosenberg


Opening of WaysOpening of Ways by G A Rosenberg


Cave (Redux)


Subconscious Cavern
I enter in ritual states
and evolve quickly.


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Cave (R)Cave (R) by G A Rosenberg


A Hope of Understanding


“The charm dissolves apace,
And, as the morning steals upon the night,
Melting the darkness, so their rising senses
Begin to chase the ignorant fumes that mantle
Their clearer reason.
Their understanding
Begins to swell: and the approaching tide
Will shortly fill the reasonable shores
That now lie foul and muddy.”
― William Shakespeare


Understanding is a precarious thing and coming to it may be torturous. Oft times we think we have a handle on things and at best it is a compromise. We’ve settled on a position because it is easier than accepting that the universe is a wondrous complicated place with no easy answers yet many competing right wrong ones. Most of us need more security than that it seems. So we make our compromise and choose our positions and argue for them as if they were absolute truth. We may even get into fights both verbal and physically over them.
Which belief is the right one? Who’s deity is stronger? Who has the right to what land and with what justification? Who has the right to retaliate and how hard and under what provocation? Who has the right to exist and under what circumstances? People who have made similar positional compromises band together and drag others along with them. Innocent bystanders get hurt in the process. The water becomes muddier and muddier and all hope of a greater understanding vanishes. Yet sometimes in the midst of all this there is hope.
People not fully indoctrinated to a position start to realize the folly of the extremists. Little by little they walk away from the conflict and seek a new better way of being. It may happen slowly at first with a conversation or two but somewhere in there remains the hope of clarity. Therein lies the road to wisdom that we are capable of. Until then innocence will always be threatened, if only our own.
Blessings, G


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Reaching ThroughReaching Through by G A Rosenberg


Systemic UnfoldingSystemic Unfolding by G A Rosenberg


Seeing From Darkness and From Light


“How clear everything becomes when you look from the darkness of a dungeon.”
― Umberto Eco, Foucault’s Pendulum


Perceiving from darkness
almost everything shines bright
Memories of happy times
and traveled places
now back safely enveloped
in my night shroud
Dissolving in the visions of what once was
and unlimited potential for what may be


Perceiving from the light
in full manifest
all seems dim aglow
I have reached the pinnacle
and I know I must return
but then nothing new emerges
Erupting in beingness
and waiting for the shadows
that will return me home.
— G A Rosenberg


Blessings, G


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Synaptic ViewingSynaptic Viewing by G A Rosenberg


Furry MeditationsFurry Meditation by G A Rosenberg



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